the CLONC play series is packed with evil and fun 


pirate pong





rafffles mr see marcel dragonsami


biggie didles sweet tooth big cheef tiny head custerd pie mr see


1. None of your bisnus

2 you want to be a brainiy baddy

3 brainy blumps 

4 to hot

3 the 2 crocs are chomped biggie diddles and marcel gone

4 sweet gummy brains

5 you have a bad face

6 the black booboo shoney gone

7 glumps cant fly

8 a frozen brain twismas

9 the kitty atack 

10 raining brains

season 2Edit

11 main street is on fire 

12 SHONEY!!!!! shoney comES BACK

13 the glumpy singers comes june the 9tH

14 the brainy old coin comes june the 16th

15 happy prank  day 

16 co co brains comes the 21st of june

18 despicable CLONC

19 think it or not evil is real comes june 29th

20 Choc comes back Biggie Diddles returns

21 Spooky Glump 

22 Dr gets a gun

23 The New Moshling

24 Weeny kills a giant

25 Pinch or punch

17 the bouns episode the funny 5 moshlings comes on 30th of june 

bio theres 5 funny moshlings out there doing funny fings to CLONC but we know who thoes moshling are thay are harry Benny Handy MooMoo and Primrose

  Snowy Bouns seasonEdit

26 On the first day of Chirstmas 

27 No Frozen Glumps

28  To Cold