It's Truly Winter is a song by benjaminddd8, in the album "Moshlings Record".


Graces are falling from the sky,

Everests are looking snowier,

Meltdowns are on the water pipes,

It's Truly Winter,

The first snowflake falls,

The mountains are full,

Shivering Polars in the gardens, 

We need to take time,

To watch and to learn, 

The winter moshling codes,

We need every moshi,

To see the eye-dazzling sight,

Snowballs all around,

It's truly winter,

It's truly winter,

It's come on this monstorously fun day,

It's Truly Winter,

Get out the sledges,

The skis as well,

Snow boots, Ski Jacket and Thermals,

We need to take time, to watch and to learn,

All are winter skills,

As it's truly winter!