Jawbot the Electric RoboShark, is a robot and a shark combined. His body, head, and fins are all grey, and Jawbot's wheels are green. His eyes are purple.

Number: 164

Set: Mixers 

Gender: Male

Rarity: Uncommon


If you like to swim, DON'T swim with these robots!  They sometimes shock the water when they swim. When they're  rolling around Mechanical Canyon, they roll around with Twirly Tiddlycopters.


You can find Electric RoboSharks swimming and rolling about in Mechanical Canyon and Buster Bay.


Waterfalls and Twirly Tiddlycopters.


Oil Spills and Rocky Water


Flowing Fin Seed, Any Crazy Daisy, Any Snap Apple


  • He is the 2nd robot, first being Nipper.
  • He is the first shark.
  • He has Jaws in his name, after Jaws the movie about a shark.
  • He was created by Moshipenguin91
  • His real name is Finn R. Bot