Lara Sprinkles

Lara Sprinkles is a character in Moshi Monsters who resides in a small wooden house near Greasy Geezer.

Character Encyclopedia 2.0Edit

Ever since she was a baby Monster Lara Sprinkles would venture to the Greasy Geezer and pick ingredients from the trees and bushes. Once she has her key components she decorates plain Sweet Ringy Thingies carefully, taking her time to ensure they are of perfect quality!
How does she do it?
Once a Sweet Ringie Thingie is decorated to Lara's (high) standards, a quick soak in the oil swamps will set them straight to life. Not even she's sure how it happens!
Stirring up secrets
Lara is a very shy and introverted Monster. As such, she keeps this process quiet. Because of this, not even Moshlingologist expert Buster Bumblechops knows how Sweet Ringie Thingies come to be, and the whole thing is shrouded in secrecy!
Data file
Hangout: In her house, writing notes on Sweet Ringie Thingies, hoping one day to deliver them to Buster Bumblechops.
Catchphrase: "A glazed Sweet Ringie Thingie is a happy Sweet Ringie Thingie!"
Likes: Being percise and perfect, sweet tasting candy
Often spotted: She never has been!

  • Thick, bobbed hair. When the geezers blow steam, she always forgets to move and gets covered in sprinkles!
  • Glump Cake T-Shirt..
  • Sun hat to cover her identity